18 November 2021

Studying at Jewel: Fun Toast 2 Electric Boogaloo

We needed to do serious work today


Dear fans, it is with regret that I inform you all that we DID NOT go to anywhere new today :( We stayed at Fun Toast the entire duration, because Mik needed to do serious work.

Unfortunately, because Mik is really busy, he will not be co-authoring this post. To the Mik fans, worry not, for Mik related content will still be present.

Also, the posting schedule for this week is a bit off-kilter.

Mik is only able to cafe-exploit today, and no other days because he is busy with work, i.e., this will be the only post for this week.

It is exam season for me, and I have finals next Wednesday too, so we most likely are going to post only once next week as well. Worry not, post-exam season will not be the end of our cafe exploiting journey. For there is a chance I might fail this one very difficult math module that I’m taking and have to stay back another semester in this cursed university… Wish me luck lads…

Location: Fun Toast

Study Duration: 9am (somewhat) - 6pm

Today we went to fun toast. We were supposed to meet at 9am, but I came like 1.5 hours late because I slept very very late yesterday.

The vortex was looking good this morning, and Mik was able to snap a few good pics encapsulating the overall vibe of Jewel today. As the end of the year comes, it’s raining more and more and it really gives Jewel a different vibe…

Vortex shrouded in darkness

The beautiful vortex that has become a fixture of my end-uni days…



This was Mik’s breakfast. He decided he wanted to be different today by not getting the kaya toast set..


As usual I did not have lunch. Mik had 2 lumps for lunch…

The Studying Experience

We sat at our usual spot with the privacy shield and everything.

Because I was using my iPad which has a (somehow) longer battery life than my Thinkpad Carbon X1 6th Gen running i3wm on Arch Linux, I had no need for charging ports.


Behold, me accessing the Jewel wifi login page on my iPad

I was totally in the zone today. Not saying I wasn’t in the zone the other days but my concentration was really in full blast. I was able to study for a solid 4 hours non-stop… The spice melange… Paul Atreides must die… for the kwazits haderaech to rise…

Mik on the other hand was not as in-the-zone as I was… Ok I guess he was somewhat in the zone, just know that I was more in the zone than he was.

Look at this dude…

Towards the end of the session mik was starting to get distracted and I had to remind him to stay on task.

Toilet Exploitation

Mik once again made a visit to the Garden of Eden… and took a Royal 24 Minute Dump. Whilst he was taking a dump, he decided to try meditating using Balance, this immersive meditation app that we both use, and whilst meditating, he dropped a single turd. What an experience.


Towards the end of the day, I decided to get a bretzel. I did not eat yesterday, and the bretzel was my so-called first meal of the day and I basically shoved the entire pretzel in my mouth in one shot. My face was covered in chocolate and people were staring at me. The inside of my mask was smeared with chocolate. I am somewhat of a messy eater.

Mik’s House

Today, I was blessed with an invitation to Mik’s house for dinner.

I love going to Mik’s house. I don’t eat home cooked food very often, so home cooked food for me is somewhat of a luxury. Mik’s mom has superb cooking. Did you know she even got featured on T.V once for her cooking?? Mik’s dad is one lucky lad…

Also, his parents and sister are really nice (unfortunately his sister has moved out) and I enjoy watching the chemistry between his parents.

On the way to his house, Mik told me that I had to eat 1 pound of food, else I would be banned from his house forever. Upon realising that 1 pound is not that much, he increased the quota to 2 pounds.


We had home-made chicken pie courtesy of his mom, and it is amongst the more solid chicken pies I’ve had in my life. As my good friends know, I am something of a chicken pie connoisseiur.

Nothing like home made chicken pie…

This chicken pie makes every other chicken pie I’ve eaten taste like ass. Not that I know what that tastes like but y’all know what I mean…

I had 3 really big slices and I could really feel my trousers getting tighter around my belly (pretty sure I ate >=2 pounds) because I was eating so much. It was the largest amount of food I have eaten in 1 sitting, in the past like, 3 months.

Ranice The Barber

Mik’s family was getting rid of some of their old clothes and mik gave me this shirt that he told me was very ‘Alex Turner’.


Though on me, it makes me look like an ice cream/hot dog vendor.

I think this looks good on me. All I need is some khaki shorts, crocs, a lasalle tote bag and basic taste in music to complete the windy boy look. Either that or a paper hat to complete the ice cream/hot dog seller look.

We hung out for awhile before we went home. Mik has somewhat of an afro, and I took the opportunity to style his hair.

Here are some of the styles I created:

Bonus images for the mik fans


Sorry if today’s post is lacking in the humour department, but I hope that you all have enjoyed the mik fan service.

(Mik help me out here I’m not as good of a writer as you are HELP)