Cafe Exploitation is dedicated to give Singaporeans 100% coverage on the best study spots in the country (east side mostly because I live in the east).

What constitutes a good study spot? If you study enough outside, you would know, the key traits of a good study spot are

  1. Wi-fi
  2. Plugs/Charging spots
  3. Decently priced coffee (sometimes food)
  4. Will not get chased out of the cafe

Other misc. good to have traits

  1. Cheap food around the area
  2. Place to refill water bottle or FREE WATER
  3. Not too quiet so you can talk to friends and shit
  4. Babes to look at

Real talk though, I created this blog mostly for fun and to preserve my memories of studying outside with friends.

Question: Why is this blog called cafe exploitation?

Studying outside at cafes is what it is: exploiting cafes. The best way to exploit a cafe is by buying 1 drink (maybe about $5~ plus, standard cafe prices) then studying there for like 8 - 10 hours and using their resources (free water, plugs, seats) at the price of that one drink basically. You get the gist?

Question: Why do you study outside when you can study at home?

My bed is right next to my study table/pc setup. Let me just say, studying with your bed right next to you is something of an extreme sport. You have to make a consistent effort to not lie on your bed and watch Youtube and shit. Not gonna lie, its difficult.

Question: Why do you study at cafes at the cost of buying drinks and whatnot when you can study at the library?

First of all, I want to talk to my friends. The library is too quiet. Also, I want to be able to drink something, sweet drinks or whatever without anyone scolding me. Another thing, depending on the library, there are TURF WARS over the seats, no cap.

Let me tell you a story:

There was once I was trying to study at the library at bugis (the big one) and there was one seemingly free seat at the computer area. There were 3 seats with nobody there, with the leftmost seat having some papers on it, but no bag on the table. The middle seat, have bag on chair but no papers on table. The rightmost seat had papers on table plus bag.

// Basically it looked like this

table  | papers  | nothing | papers |
chairs | nothing | bag     | bag    |

Confirm is someone wanted to chope the leftmost seat for his friend by putting the papers there. I was desperate for a seat so I moved the papers over to the middle table and sat at the leftmost seat. Before long, the 2 guys that were sitting there came back and through my peripheral vision, I could see them staring me down. I felt pressured, but I asserted my dominance by pretending that they were not there.

After some time, their friend came and because I took the seat they choped from him, the guy had to sit at the computers opposite. The thing is, you’re not allowed to sit at the computer seat unless you’re using the computer, and before long, the librarian came and told the guy to fuck off, and the guy and the librarian got into an argument and the guy freaking scolded the librarian the F word!! Then his friends beside me stood up and told him to calm down, and basically it was just an unpleasant experience. I felt kind of bad but at the same time… I didn’t :P But I was traumatised and I avoided studying at the libraries ever since.

Disclaimer: We do not condone exploiting small businesses