27 October 2021

Studying at Jewel: O Coffee Club

O Coffee Club, you think it's a cafe but it's actually a damn expensive restaurant

Jewel, #03-216/218
11am - 6pm

Our first hit at Jewel, is the O Coffee Club. It’s the first place you see when you walk to Jewel from Changi Airport T3. Walking around the perimeter, you see the plugs under the tables, and you get seduced. You look at the name– You think it’s a cafe… O Coffee Club… but actually it’s a really expensive restaurant.

The Studying Experience

There are plugs here, only at certain seats though.

The toilet near here has the fancy Japanese bidet.

The Coffee and Food

How much did we spend?

Mik: “Way too much money”

The coffee was quite expensive. If my memory serves me corretly, I got a mocha and it was like $7. The cup was super big though so I wasn’t too upset about it. Mik got some generic coffee, the price was about the same. For ordering, you have to go to the counter to order.


Mik Eating Mik got the eggs benedict, I got some truffle pasta. I had some trouble keeping my food down (not because it’s bad, because of anxiety) and when I sent the above image of the pasta I got to a friend, my friend asked if the pasta was vomit.

The pasta was freaking $16. That’s like 6-8 packets of chicken rice. Also, it wasn’t really that nice. No shade to O Coffee Club, their food is probably good, but these PRICES? Not within the ideal range.


I had dinner at Mik’s house and we had baked fish pasta courtesy of his mum ^_^ It was delicious.


We rate this place a sad 3/5 because of the prices. They are just too expensive.