27 October 2021

Studying at Jewel: A Comprehensive Guide

An introduction to the studying at Jewel series


Hello, this is my first official post on this blog.

This post will be about why Jewel is one of the ultimate studying/working spots in Singapore. This is the first post in a series of posts where me and my good friend Mik aim to hit all the cafes in Jewel, rank them and review the cafes for their studyability. If you have read the about page, you will know the key traits of a good study spot that we are looking out for. In addition to those traits, other good traits (as told by Mik) are:

Mik’s Good Study Spot Traits

  • Comfortable seats, prioratising ass comfort over back comfort
  • Air con, temp must be perfect, cannot be too cold (e.g., sbux at fullerton, that place was like the arctic)
  • High ceilings
  • Natural light
  • Ambient noises that are not too invasive, preferrably no music
  • The ability to look outdoors

Ok for me, I don’t have such high expectations of a place, I just need wi-fi, plug and a table that is not too short.

OK, thinking about location wise, I guess Jewel MAY not be the best location to study at because it is really like in the EAST EAST EAST… So to the Malaysians out there reading this, I apologise. Jewel might not be the place for you, unless you like commuting for hours or can afford to grab every day or ur parents can fetch or whatever.

Why do we study at Jewel? Mik lives very near, I live not too far, and one thing about Jewel now during these COVID times is that nobody freaking comes here. There are a lot of cafes, a lot of them with plugs, and of course Jewel has free wi-fi.

The Jewel Toilets

Another good thing about Jewel, is that because this whole damn mall is built to be a sort of first impression to the foreigners who come here, all the infrastructure here is super new and guess what? They freaking got Japanese bidets in the toilet. I’m talking ass warming, pressure controlled ass washing type of high tech bidets with the buttons and everything.

Fancy Japanese bidet at Jewel toilet

Important Tip: Not all cubicles at Jewel have this Japanese bidet, only the cubicles at the end, so watch out for them

Other good traits about the Jewel toilet is that they got nice mirrors to take mirror selfies in. Basically they have instagrammable toilets, if you like posting a lot of insta stories, the whole vibe of Jewel and whatnot makes for good insta stories.

OK, but really the main important thing is that got wifi and plugs at most of the cafes, yeah?

Thank you for reading this introductory post and I sincerely hope that these reviews can help you people out there find good spots to study/work at!